Coupon Etiquette

These suggestions are neither rules nor legal issues, but rather can help make your couponing and shopping experiences more enjoyable.

  • Be polite to your cashier and to other store employees. Imagine yourself in their shoes before getting overly critical. Occasionally mistakes will happen. When they do, politely point out the error and help resolve the problem for yourself and for the shoppers who will follow you.
  • Coupons are intended to provide a large number of consumers with a discount. They are not intended for a few individuals with the opportunity to strip the shelves of more product than they will ever reasonably need. Shelf stripping causes stores to place limits on the number of coupons an individual can use. Do not exceed store limitations and be considerate when shopping at stores that don’t currently have any coupon related limitations. Buy only what you need for your personal use, including enough for future use.
  • Coupons in the store should be used for your personal needs only. Leave the rest for other shoppers. Taking an entire tear pad is inconsiderate to other couponers. Do not take a peelie coupon off a product unless you intend to purchase that product.
  • From time to time, shoppers may want to divide their purchases into multiple transactions. This is a courtesy that many stores provide and very helpful when picking up a few items for your friends or items needed for work or similar situations. However, buying a massive amount of product in one shopping trip, and then breaking up the “sale” into multiple transactions to use extra coupons or obtain extra discounts bends the rules and is inappropriate.
  • When using coupons, be organized before entering a check out line. Don’t keep the cashier or other customers waiting as you sort through your coupons.
  • If you are a heavy coupon user, consider shopping during off-peak hours.
  • Set an example. Most couponers are simply smart shoppers who know a great deal when they see it. Unfortunately, the inappropriate actions of a few extreme couponers cast couponers in a bad light. Help raise the bar by following the rules, and being a courteous shopper.