Problem & Solution

THE PROBLEM: Counterfeit coupons
Counterfeits are fake coupons and they are a major challenge for the industry. If a counterfeit is accepted at the point of sale, someone is going to pay for it—the store or the manufacturer—resulting in a dead loss.

The quality of counterfeits varies widely, from obvious fakes to very skilled printing. Most fakes currently in circulation are for free products or high values and are produced on home-office equipment. A widely distributed counterfeit coupon can cause losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and can strip your shelves of product, preventing honest consumers from purchasing the product.

THE SOLUTION: Alert cashiers
Manufacturers, retailers, coupon processors, and law enforcement agencies are all active in the fight against counterfeit coupons. While you have the support of literally thousands of people throughout the industry, your cashiers play a critical role in this fight. They are the first line of defense, acting as:

  1. Diplomats: Customer service is your first responsibility. Never embarrass or get into a confrontation with a guest at your store about coupons. When in doubt, advise cashiers to contact the manager on duty.
  2. Reporters: Gather the facts and the evidence (the suspected counterfeits) and report the information to management.
  3. Responsible Citizens: Counterfeit coupons hurt everyone, including your community, your store, the manufacturers and honest consumers. Keep a sharp eye out for counterfeit coupons to protect them.