There are many organizations on the Internet and elsewhere engaged in the sale of coupon certificate booklets. Generally, these organizations are either trying to sell the certificate booklets themselves or they are offering “business opportunities” and soliciting others to act as distributors of the booklets.

If you are approached by one of these groups, you should ask some questions:

  • Where do you get the coupons?
  • How do you prevent stolen or counterfeit coupons from entering your inventory?
  • What are all of the costs and handling fees?
  • Has any manufacturer endorsed the organization? (If yes, find out the name and phone number.)
  • How many of your distributors are making a profit? Ask for the overall average.

You are urged to call the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at (202) 326-3650 and request a copy of the FTC’s free publication “FACTS FOR CONSUMERS: Costly Coupon Scams.”