Sacramento, California – The California Highway Patrol (CHP), Golden Gate Division, Organized Retail Crime Task Force, arrested Karen “KayCee” Guzman, Terry Hubbard, and James Miranda today for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to use more than $200,000 in counterfeit coupons at a local CVS store1. Search warrants were also served at the suspect’s house and a commercial location acting as a warehouse and over $212,000 in merchandise stolen or purchased with suspected fraudulent coupons was recovered. The group allegedly used Facebook Marketplace and the warehouse to sell products stolen with counterfeit coupons. The arrests are part of CHP’s continued efforts to protect California jobs and tax revenues as part of the three CHP led Organized Retail Crime Task Forces throughout the state. The case was supported by the Coupon Information Center (CIC®).

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of CHP Lieutenant Kevin Domby and the CHP’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force’s multi-agency team who lead the investigation, and the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office for providing the necessary resources and commitment to pursue it,” said CIC Executive Director Bud Miller, CPP. “We also appreciate the exceptional efforts of the CVS Organized Retail Crime Investigators who worked the case. Today’s arrest underscores the effectiveness that cooperation between law enforcement, businesses, and not-for-profits can achieve. These efforts to eliminate criminal activities directly benefit both the national and local economies.”

CIC provides free loss prevention programs and case support to retailers who have been victims of counterfeit coupons. CIC is also testing its new Suspect Coupon Checker App which will provide stores and law enforcement with the ability to instantly identify known counterfeit coupons.

Individuals using counterfeit coupons are subject to arrest and prosecution. The penalties can be life-changing; multiyear prison terms, probation, restitution, and other financial penalties are not unusual.

The Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) is a not-for-profit association of consumer product manufacturers dedicated to fighting coupon misredemption and fraud.

1Individuals and entities named as subjects of an investigation or prosecution must be presumed innocent of any wrongdoing unless proven otherwise in a court of law.