Members will be able to read about CIC’s operational highlights in this section.  In addition to supporting several law enforcement investigations, CIC has recently:

  • Opened discussions with BJ’s to address multiple reports of their company using Manufacturer Identification Numbers (MINs) on their store coupons without authorization.
  • Had multiple conversations regarding counterfeit coupons with Walmart.
  • Conducted a webinar on counterfeit coupons for retailers
  • Instructed Roll Crown to add the registered trademark symbol to the CIC hologram
  • Assisted a Member with a $4.00 counterfeit coupon
  • Identified and took loss prevention actions for a new Frankenstein counterfeit coupon for a member.
  • We have also scheduled a training webinar with a CIC Member that is expected to have approximately 40 company representatives in attendance.
  • We have reported 647 eBay auctions for termination.

This section will evolve over time based on CIC Member feedback.  Please let us know what you want to see in this section.