September 4, 2018

Bud Miller, CPP
Coupon Information Corporation (CIC), (239) 331-7280,

Pink Collar Crime Episode: The Queen of Coupons

NAPLES, Florida-Pink Collar Crimes (CBS) recently aired an hour-long episode titled “The Queen of Coupons” focused on the Phoenix Police Department’s successful counterfeit coupon criminal investigation of Robin Ramirez and her co-conspirators Amiko Fountain and Marilyn Johnson. The episode can be viewed at:

CIC greatly appreciates the show’s efforts to present these complex economic crimes in an understandable manner and to raise awareness of these issues for the public.

Consumers can easily protect themselves from counterfeit coupons by doing the following:

1. Never pay money for coupons, including group membership fees
2. Never download counterfeit coupons, known as AIPS, from social media sites
3. Avoid coupons that seem to be “too good to be true”

Consumers can obtain legitimate coupons directly from the manufacturers’ websites or manufacturer authorized coupon distributors.
The CIC is continuing its efforts to work with law enforcement, manufacturers, retailers, and other industry members to bring counterfeiters to justice.
Free information about counterfeiting and other types of coupon fraud can be found on the CIC’s website: