Social Media Presence

Kim Metts and Bud Miller discussed CIC’s social media activities and Kim plans to reach out to her social media experts. Kimberly-Clark has also volunteered to provide assistance.

Manufacturer Visit

Two Kimberly-Clark representatives will be at our office on Monday, March 4th to discuss counterfeit coupons and other issues.


We will be making news about counterfeits on Facebook available shortly.

Print-at-home Coupons

We are working with print-at-home companies on a situation regarding a major IP farm.

Upcoming CIC Meetings

We have completed arrangements for the April 3-4 CIC meetings and transmitted a schedule to members. You can register for the meetings here.

New Member

We welcome Abbott Laboratories to the CIC March 1, 2019.


We reported a total of 612 eBay auctions so far this month.


We have completed our internal review of the new app to process inputs into the Early Warning File and Public Service Announcements and are currently working with the vendor to change the testing environment so CIC member volunteers can review their end of the system.