FY 2019/2020 Member Invoicing

Michael Montante, Marcia, and Bud spent considerable time last week preparing the FY 2019/2020 Member invoices. All of the paper invoices were printed and mailed last week on schedule. Michal Montante is scanning and e-mailing them this week as instructed by individual members.

Upcoming CIC Meetings

Thus far, twenty members have indicated that they will attend the Wednesday & Thursday April 3-4, 2019 CIC meeting physically or electronically. Five additional members have indicated a tentative status.

October Meeting Follow-up

1. POS Testing. There were some scheduling conflicts with the volunteer members last week. We will hold one final conference call with them to discuss final testing procedures and experiences and then transmit the finalized information to the membership. Given the “ask” that our members test retailers’ POS systems, we want to be sure that the procedures are as clear as possible and that we have real testing experience as we move forward with the general membership.

2. Counterfeit Coupon Survey. There were some delays in finalizing the report, but we will transmit the counterfeit coupon survey results to members shortly.


We reported 374 eBay auctions so far in January.

We identified one person selling information on how to obtain coupons from manufacturers. Their auctions use graphics that include counterfeit coupons. We have purchased the information using a non-CIC related account.

We purchased a large number of a CIC member’s free product coupons from one eBay auctioneer that were verified legitimate. The member is reviewing the situation.


We reviewed the “look and feel” of the new member PSA review screens with members of the CIC Counterfeit Coupon Task Force and discussed new procedures. Final programming based on their feedback and the usual debugging process should be completed this week. We will then do a “dry run” using real information but only internal e-mail addresses for final testing. After any fixes, we will transmit a communication to the Members regarding the new procedures and bring the system up.