Next CIC Meeting

Add to your bottom line (or help prevent others from subtracting from it) by attending the Wednesday and Thursday April 3 & 4, 2019 CIC meetings in Alexandria, Virginia. We will be introducing our new format with a stronger emphasis on hands-on loss prevention discussions and methods to enhance the efficiency of your coupon programs.

How much can you save? It will depend on the unique characteristics of your company, but at least two CIC members are on track for significant savings as a result of what they learned at the 2018 CIC meetings in Chicago.

Pressed for time or have a tight travel budget? The bulk of our work will be conducted on Thursday, April 4th so you can fly in on Wednesday, April 3rd, join us for the evening, and fly out the afternoon of Thursday, April 4th.

October Meeting Follow-up

1. POS Testing. We are working with 3 CIC members to finalize the testing procedures for the CIC retailer POS system review.

2. Counterfeit Coupon Survey. We will complete the report on the CIC Counterfeit Coupon Survey and transmit it to members shortly.


We reported 98 US eBay auctions for termination last week. We observed one auction selling a large number of a member’s free product coupons with the CIC hologram. Instead of terminating the auction, we are attempting to purchase the auction with an account not publicly linked to us. We have informed the member of the situation.


We published 139 Public Service Announcements and added 313 records to the EWF for CIC members thus far in December.