MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  Planning for the March 21-22, 2018 CIC meetings in Washington, D.C.  is well underway.

These are some of the highlights since our last update:

Walmart published its updated coupon acceptance policy on November 28th.  Here’s a link:

Bonnette McNichol was charged with Forgery (M1), Receiving Stolen Property (M1), and Theft by Deception (M1) last Monday.  CIC and its members provided support to the local police department that investigated this case.  We have also sent a letter to the judge advocating an appropriately strong sentence in this case in the event McNichol is found guilty.

CIC has also:

  • Provided support to law enforcement officials and Walmart Asset Protection professionals on a number of counterfeit coupon cases, including the California case which resulted in 27 arrests.
  • Provided input for an internal Walmart training document on counterfeit coupons.
  • Continued its efforts on FSI security-related issues with the FSI companies and directly with some newspapers.
  • Been in communication with BJ’s regarding their reported use of Members’ MIN Numbers on store coupons.
  • Initiated conversations with Dollar General about a number of coupon integrity issues, including counterfeit coupons and coupon decoding.
  • Begun the invoice process for CIC’s 2018/19 Fiscal Year.
  • Reported 1,425 coupon eBay auctions for termination in November.