Help Fight Counterfeit Coupons!

Counterfeit coupons hurt everyone by increasing prices and making it more difficult for honest consumers to obtain and use legitimate coupons.  This costs jobs and makes it harder for many people to balance their budgets.  Counterfeit coupons are currently spiking due to criminal activities facilitated by social media.  There have been a number of recent arrests and more will follow.

Education is key:  we are inviting law enforcement officials, retailers and manufacturers to join us for a free educational webinar on law enforcement investigations, loss prevention, and prosecution.   Space is limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Click on the appropriate box to register.  Credentials will be verified.

Retailers Only


Counterfeit Coupons: Loss Prevention & Prosecution
Tuesday, September 18
2:00 PM EDT

Manufacturers Only


Counterfeit Coupons:  Loss Prevention & Prosecution
Thursday, September 20
2:00 PM EDT

Law Enforcement Only


Counterfeit Coupon Investigations
Tuesday, September 4
2:00 PM EDT

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